End of Beta

After over 4 years, Stratabox has graduated from Beta on the 1st of December 2021.

This exciting news is a milestone in our journey to provide strata schemes and body corporate an intuitive and comprehensive communication tool.

With close to 300 schemes on the platform, over 2000 users browsing through a quarter of a million pages on the site, we would like to think that we have created a tool that meets the unique requirements of the Australian strata sector.

We would like to thanks all the early adopters who have been instrumental in helping us craft the platform to what it is today. But it doesn’t stop there: Stratabox will continually be improved and refined to stay relevant in the future.

What is happening?

As of the 1st of December, Stratabox is no longer in beta. As promised, all existing Stratabox accounts will, as any new accounts, benefit from our 3 months free trial. You will receive an invoice early February and your yearly paying subscription will be active from the 1st of March 2022.

What you need to do

It depends on your current situation:

  • You are currently using the service and it suits your needs: you don’t need to do anything
    further until you receive an invoice from us. Remember that we are always interested in your
    feedback to improve our features.
  • You are still evaluating or learning how to use Stratabox: if you need any further assistance to setup your account and pursue your trial, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • You setup an account but no longer want to be an administrator: we will be happy to transition your account to another administrator of your choice
  • You setup an account but no longer wish to use the service: we’ll be sad to see you go, but do get in touch and we will cancel and delete your account

Thanks again for your continued support throughout this adventure and looking forward to keep on working with you in the future.

Kind regards,

The Stratabox team